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Case Studies

Case Studies

Air Conditioning and Heat Recovery Ventilation System Case Studies in North Wales, Cheshire, Warrington, the North West and UK 


We have just completed the installation of AUTOGLASS Inverness with Mitsubishi wall-mounted systems in all of the office areas. On all Autoglass installations, we have the added problem of mounting the condensors internally due to them wanting nothing mounted externally to the building. We designed, along with the construction company, a system to enable drainage of the condensors whilst in their heating mode which is also cost effective. This system has been used very successfully in many Autoglass fit outs we have design and fitted in Glasgow, Shrewsbury, Bournemouth, Staffordshire and Leeds.


We were contracted to carry out the installation of the head of office of UGG Boots Europe in Rotterdam. We supplied a team of men to install Mitsubishi R2 systems to the 3rd floor offices and display rooms. This was slightly different as we had to work to different working practices to comply with their codes.


We have carried out a number of design and build projects for C21, Richard Burridge Timber. We designed and installed a Mitsubishi Kx6 system. This provided heating and cooling to their office areas, both open plan and single occupancy. This system was designed to adhere to the breeam guidelines.


We designed a system to heat and cool which was a Mitsubishi inverter cassette and ventilate through a Mitsubishi heat reclaim unit. All systems were run through the same control system to ensure as little waste as possible of the building's internal temperature, to keep the running cost down to a minimum. It works very successfully.


We were contracted to install two Mitsubishi R2 sytems to supply all three floors of the restuarant. Working in Central London presents its own problems including organising deliveries, waste management and very tight working conditions. The other issue is where and how to position the condensing units, especially in the small streets of Soho where crane access is very limited. We managed to get over all the obstacles on time and owner, Jason Atherton, seemed very satisfied with how we managed to work with the interior designers to conceal all our work and create the Michelin Star finish.


We created a bespoke service package to ensure the clean and efficient running of both their two storey office buildings, which have a total of 4 VRV systems and four heat reclaim ventilation systems as well as individual split systems for comms rooms etc. The main issue we have on this site is its close proximity to the motorway so diesel fumes are pulled in to the filters and need to be regularly cleaned.


We were contracted to install one Mitsubishi R2 system with 7 AHUs, three Mitsubishi stainless steel kitchen systems and a comms room wall-mounted system. We also had to adapt existing systems to meet new layout requirements. The main issue was that the top two floors were still being occupied so all riser work had to be out of hours. Working through the night creates its own issues but all was carried out successfully and completed on time.

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